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Bakalland BA! Energy Bar BA! Mini 5 Dried Fruits 150 gram

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Bakalland BA! Energy Bar BA! Mini 5 Tropical Fruits is a mini cereal bars with dried fruits (27.9%) and cocoa glaze (20%).

Produced in Poland.
Net weight: 150 gram / 10 pcs x 15 gram.

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Looking for an idea for a dose of positive energy during the day? Need optimistic boost for themselves and their families? Rich cereal bars prepare delicacies from high quality ingredients to provide you with BA! very sophisticated pleasures. Think positive, live positive, and the world will answer you the same.

Energy Bar Dengan 5 Macam Buah Kering

Komposisi: Sirup Glukosa, Sereal (23%), Coklat, Apel Kering (9.5%), Kismis (5.6%), Buah Kranberi Kering (5.6%), Buah Prune Kering (4.5%), Buah Aprikot Kering (4.5%), Maltodekstrin, Glukosa, Palm Oil, Gula, Malt, Kayu Manis, Garam, Perisa Alami, Barley Malt, Pengemulsi Lesitin Alami, Pemanis Sorbitol, Humektan Gliserol, Pengatur Keasaman Asam Sitrat, Pengemulsi Mono Digliserida Asam Lemak.

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